Russian Foundation for Basic Research

SSRT - Data processing and software

Observations in the fast one-dimensional mode and in the two-dimensional mode that were initiated at the SSRT in the 1990's, provide large data flow of quite a new nature. The application of frequency scanning, a unique method for the formation of the SSRT response, rules out the possibility of using any ready software, and a software package for data processing has been developed at the observatory. The interactive data processing IDL language was adopted as the basis - it is in use at the world's leading observatories, thus making it possible to create SSRT data processing programs compatible with programs and data formats used at other observatories12. Programs have been developed to ensure a combined processing of solar images obtained at different astronomical instruments. The programs feature a graphic interface to enable the required fast and efficient data processing by visualizing the information. The programs are used on computers of different types (IBM PC and UNIX Workstation)12.

Program for determining the coordinates of radio sources from one-dimensional scans and their correlations with images of other ranges (in this case the image was obtained in soft X-ray emission)

Program for determining the size and emission fluxes of spike sources