Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Main research areas

  1. Prediction of powerful X-ray flares using SSRT radio maps. Properties of flare-productive active regions, and flare build-up problem. Propagation and scattering of radio emission in the solarcorona and in the interplanetary medium. Leader - A.M. Uralov

  2. Flare dynamics, and physical conditions in flare plasma. Millisecond microwave spikes - A.T. Altyntsev

  3. Structure and evolution of active regions - [V.P. Nefedyev], V.I. Lubyshev

  4. Propagation of electron beams in the solar corona, and generation of radio emission by them - V.G. Ledenev

  5. Propagation of MHD shock wves in the inhomogeneous solar corona and in the interplanetary medium, and the accompanying generation of rasdio emission (numerical calculations and theory) - V.G. Ledenev, A.M. Uralov

  6. Prediction of solar flares from SSRT obseravtions - V.P. Maksimov

  7. Prominences: structure, equilibrium, and stability (theory) - V.M. Bardakov

  8. Structure of solar magnetic fields, and radio emission: numerical simulation - G.V. Rudenko

  9. Development of observing methods and techniques - T.A. Treskov, B.B. Krissinel

  10. Development of data processing methods and programs - V.V. Grechnev, S.V. Lesovoy